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Each week four fans of Marvel Comics Agent Lauren, Agent Michelle Agent Chris, and Director SP Rupert debrief you on the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or other related Marvel Universe content and news. Don't forget to leave a Voicemail at 1-844-THE-BUS1 (1-844-843-2871). Legends of Shield is a proud member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network.

Feb 15, 2016

The Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Lauren and Stargate Pioneer get an old fashioned heist plot with the latest Agents Carter episode “The Atomic Job” while Agent Haley is on assignment this week. They also break down Jessica Jones “A.K.A. The Sandwich Saved Me” which could be Lauren’s favorites. Finally, the Agents run down the latest in their Marvel Gaurdians Of The Galaxy Collector Corps Crate giveaway, talk about upcoming GonnaGeek podcast host convention appearances, the weekly Marvel news, listener feedback and live Blab viewer chat comments.




- Guardians of the Galaxy Collector Corps Crate giveaway

- Agent Carter “The Atomic Job”

- Jessica Jones “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me”

- The weekly Marvel News

- YOUR feedback!!!!

- Highlights From The Live Chatroom




Although the Twitter war between Bernard Stark and Edward Stark has entered a truce phase, Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues with the planned giveaway schedule. Agent Stargate Pioneer unboxes his personal Guardians Of The Galaxy Crate showing off all the great stuff that the giveaway winner will receive. For your change to enter and to help with the war against Stark’s “special” flamingo, enter into the contest and let us know what the next animal that Howard Stark is going to add to his collection, the animal’s name, and the backstory and personality of the animal. Is the animal a superhero or villain? We’ll need to have your entry in before 8:00 PM Eastern on February 24th, 2016. Bonus Points for starting a Twitter account for the animal and to start a Twitter war with @BernardSt4rk.




- Haley At Gallifrey One

- Upcoming C2E2 GonnaGeek podcasting panel March 18th, 2016


AGENT CARTER “The Atomic Job” [09:44]


ABC’s Agent Carter second season reaches the half-way point with a heist episode sure to be full with zany physical comedy, one liners and relationship mash-ups. In an overall fun episode “Team Carter” emerges as “The Wrong Stuff” but still gets the job done while bringing everyone home from the mission. As Jason Wilkes continues to have phasing issues the Carter-Wilkes pair gets to share a brief physical moment. However, it is still unknown what exactly Whitney Frost and Jason Wilke’s Zero Matter built-in detectors mean or just what exactly is on the other side of the Zero Matter that has Jason so concerned. The funny meter was peaking throughout the episode as Hayley Atwell and Ray Wise played Men-In-Black Flashy-Thingy, Jarvis attempts to bake a nuclear bomb core like a soufflé, Agent Rose gets her first taste of very successful field action and Dr. Samberly gets a chance to contribute and perhaps start a budding new SSR office romance. The Agents discuss what is up with Howard Stark’s portrait and comment on almost losing the start of the show to puncturing re-bar.


"The Atomic Job”


Directed By:  Craig Zisk


Written By: Lindsey Allen


Episode Transcripts:


JESSICA JONES “A.K.A. 99 Friends” [24:54]


The Jessica Jones series starts to take off with “The Sandwich Saved Me” and the Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Lauren and Stargate Pioneer geek out about it. The episode theme of heroes arising was seen in Jessica, Trish, and Will. Trish brings out the Jewel costume in a very funny scene. We see Trish, Jessica and Malcolm in the days leading up to Kilgrave coming into their lives for the first time including the actual meeting between Jessica and Kilgrave. The Agents give their take on why Malcolm turned to drug abuse. Will and Trish have a very special Marvel first on the screen, and Will helps plan the Kilgrave extraction – he is here to help, albeit somewhat misguided, but still here to help. And Hope’s scene is a reminder with abuse that you simply cannot save everyone, no matter how hard you try.


"A.K.A. The Sandwich Saved Me”


Directed By:  Stephen Surjik


Written By: Dana Baratta


Episode Transcripts:



NEWS [42:54]




Hayley Atwell cast in “Conviction” pilot




Civil War superbowl trailer


Civil War cast tweets their team allegiences




Aubrey Plaza, Dan Stevens, and Jean Smart join “Legion”




Ryan Reynolds Full Frontal in Deadpool




Hulk vs. Ant Man superbowl commercial


FEEDBACK [54:30]




Cajun Shaun ‏@Cajun_Shaun  17h17 hours ago

@LegendsofSHIELD new breakdown, MMU=Marvel's Movie Universe, MNU=Marvel's Netflix Universe, MTVU=Marvel's TV Universe!


Christy ‏@adanagirl  22h22 hours ago

@LegendsofSHIELD There should be an app where #AgentRose says encouraging things to you. @LesleyBoone @AgentCarterTV


Keir ‏@keirhansen  Feb 5

@LegendsofSHIELD I'm going to leave this right here. Good luck moving it. …




Andreas Kuehn


Episode 5


- that was a surprise to see Jessica more happy 18 months prior, before Kilgrave

- even with the sheets covering it up, "brave" move by this series to have a cunnilingus scene, I wonder if it was the cop

- feeling Jessica will use Malcolm which will end up with his demise

- as soon as Trish said "Jewel" my immediate response, a second before Jessica's was "This is a strippers name!" (not in context of Jewel Staite of course)

- THAT was surprising, that their plan more or less worked out, still I have a BAD feeling about this!

- tracker...of course Kilgrave had a backup plan

- David Tennant really has the "positive crazy" like the Doctor as well as the "negative crazy" as Kilgrave down

- was expecting that Hogarth was the one who set up the surveillance team which rescued Kilgrave


Bottom line: 9 out of 10 delicious banana breads


Outro [60:41]


Haley, Lauren and Stargate Pioneer love to hear back from you about your top 5 Marvel character lists, your science of Marvel questions, who would you pick in an all-female Avenger team, or who’s Marvel abs you would like to see. Call the voicemail line at 1-844-THE-BUS1 or 844-843-2871.


Join Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. next time as the hosts discuss the Agent Carter season two episode five “The Atomic Job” and Jessica Jones season one episode five “A.K.A. The Sandwich Saved Me.” You can listen in live when we record Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM Central time at (Also streamed live on YouTube, Spreaker and Blab). Contact Info: Please see for all of our contact information or call our voicemail line at 1-844-THE-BUS1 or 844-843-2871


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This podcast was recorded on Wednesday February 10th, 2016.


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