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Each week four fans of Marvel Comics Agent Lauren, Agent Michelle Agent Chris, and Director SP Rupert debrief you on the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or other related Marvel Universe content and news. Don't forget to leave a Voicemail at 1-844-THE-BUS1 (1-844-843-2871). Legends of Shield is a proud member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network.

Feb 20, 2017

The Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Stargate Pioneer, Agent Lauren and Agent Haley discuss the Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode “The Man Behind The SHIELD.” The Agents continue their giveaway contest for the X-Men Marvel Collector Corps Crate by Pop!Funko, and then finish up the show by running down some weekly Marvel news and responding to listener feedback.




  • Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Giveaway: X-Men Marvel Collector Corps Crate
  • Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Weekly Marvel News
  • YOUR feedback!!!!




Legends OF S.H.I.E.L.D. continue their X-Men Marvel Collector Corps Crate Giveaway. To win call in or send us a voicemail with your best “JEAN!” Bonus point for describing your favorite Jean Grey death.


Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. will announce the winner of the Giveaway on their live streamed podcast recording March 1st, 2017. This contest is not sponsored by Marvel, Funko, FX, Fox, Logan, or network.


AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. “The Man Behind The SHIELD” [09:47]


Directed by: Wendey Stanzler

29 credits since 2004

1 x Sex And The City

4 x Grey’s Anatomy

5 x Desperate Housewives

2 x Monk

1 x Private Practice

2 x Men In Trees

5 x 90210

1 x Dollhouse

1 x No Ordinary Family

4 x The Vampire Diairies

5 x Pretty Little Liars

4 x Parks and Recreation

3 x Glee

1 x The Tomorrow People

3 x Revenge

1 x Gotham

1 x The Flash

6 x Arrow

3 x Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Written By: Matt Owens

2 Total Writing Credits since 2016 (But a ton of staff writer and story editor credits)

1 x Luke Cage (Who’s Going To Take The Weight?)

1 x Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • The Man Behind The Shield


The Man Behind The Shield  (2017)


  • Meaning of "The Man Behind The Shield"
    • Coulson – the man behind SHIELD
  • Status of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    • Ready to be infiltrated
    • Finds Mace’s suit – Nome, Alaska
  • Coulson
    • Actually gets to punch Daisy …. Framework Daisy
    • Impressive engress
    • Cool origins story bro, but this means nothing to me
  • Baby Coulson
    • Level 4 Communications Agent
    • Thinks he has game
    • Eyes dart around
    • 0-8-4
  • Robo Coulson
  • New Shield Director “Jeffrey” Mace (Jason O’Mara - Men In Trees, Life On Mars, Terra Nova)
    • Tortured
    • Has powers
    • Doesn’t have powers
    • When was Mace an LMD?
    • Needs to learn metal chair fighting
  • Mack
    • Questions Fitz on creating the Framework and Aida
  • YoYo
  • May
  • Baby May
    • Level 3 Operations Agent
    • Car
    • To Coulson: You should try Sunglasses
    • 4 guys at once. Should be fun.
  • LMD May
  • Fitz
    • Shows off his framework
    • Can still feel pain inside
    • Framework code is being processed EVERYWHERE
  • Simmons
    • Speaks in support of Fitz’ actions
  • Daisy
  • Dr Batti
  • Dr Robo-Batti
    • Incinerated (Still)
  • Aida Mark 1 (Mallory Jansen)
    • Head is incinerated (Still)
  • Aida Mark 2 (Mallory Jansen)
    • Batti’s proxy while he is in the Framework
    • Overwatches Mace’s torture/interrogation
    • Even filth has a purpose
  • Agnes Kitsworth
  • The Bus “Zephyr One”
  • Star Wars Reference
  • Others
    • Inhuman Resistance - Watchdogs
      • Terrance Shockley (John Pyper-Ferguson)
      • Senator Ellen Nadeer
        • Not an inhuman?
        • Also not alive anymore?
      • Senator Nadeer’s brother, Vijay (Speedy Inhuman)
        • Not in this episode….still “dead”?
      • Lola
      • Talbot and Mustache
      • The Superior (Anton Ivanov)
      • The Superior Man - the Sub Captain -
        • Doesn’t have Facebook so builds a Coulson Wall
        • Sub base
        • Dug 3 Russian guys up that were killed because of Coulson
  • Darkhold Book.
  • POST CREDIT SCENE/SCHWARMA/STINGER: Baby May and Baby Coulson driving away from the op; Robo Coulson re-activates Robo May


NEWS [46:03]




First look video for Infinity War




Look at X-23’s origin




Team Thor pt 2 Video


This summer, Disney gets a Marvel theme park makeover




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@LegendsofSHIELD Ahhh Marshall from #Alias

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Eric Goldman @TheEricGoldman

.@Marvel’s #Runaways villains The Pride cast, including #TheWire, #Buffy, #24 and #Alias alums …




FEEDBACK [58:34]




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@LegendsofSHIELD what are your thoughts on this?

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Fox Reportedly Eying Kerry Washington for Deadpool 2's Domino 




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@LegendsofSHIELD Who is "SENPAI"???




Consultant BlackAdam ‏@Starsaber_222  20h20 hours ago


I was thinking the missing time might have been a hint they were in the Framework, but this is epic. #AgentsofSHIELD @LegendsofSHIELD




Christy ‏@adanagirl  20h20 hours ago


@LegendsofSHIELD So are their LMD versions gonna get it on?




Christy ‏@adanagirl  21h21 hours ago


Now I want to know what the J stands for in Phillip J. Coulson! @clarkgregg @LegendsofSHIELD #AgentsofSHIELD




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Is it just me or is Baby Coulson's suit less fitted, more like it was in Iron Man 1? #AgentsOfSHIELD




Consultant BlackAdam ‏@Starsaber_222  Feb 13


@LegendsofSHIELD Still have some finishing work to do (especially with the patch), but what do you guys think?


Ferris ‏@dxferris  Feb 14


@mtgaaron I know I said it a few times before, but I can't believe we live in a world where this show exists. @LegendsofSHIELD


OUTRO [63:24]


Haley, Lauren and Stargate Pioneer love to hear back from you about your top 5 Marvel character lists, your science of Marvel questions, who would you pick in an all-female Avenger team, or who’s Marvel abs you would like to see. Call the voicemail line at 1-844-THE-BUS1 or 844-843-2871.


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This podcast was recorded on Wednesday February 15th, 2017.


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