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Oct 23, 2022

The Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Lauren, Agent Michelle, Agent Chris, Special Consultant Anthony, and Producer of the show Director SP discuss the 2022 Marvel Studios Disney+ One Shot Werewolf By Night. The Team debriefs you on the cast highlights and creative team run down, the Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. exclusive synopsis, the overall spooky tone, the MCU introduction of The Man-Thing, all the classic horror references, the gore, the practical effects, the sets, the family ideals, Elsa Bloodstone rocking it, our wish for annual Marvel Studios Halloween Specials, the Hallway Mural, the Animatronic Ulyssess, The Bloodstone, and Post Werewolf Ted. The Team also discusses the top Marvel Studios news story over the past week including that Harrison Ford is set to take on the Thunderbolt Ross role, if Mephisto might have been cast in the MCU, and if Adam Driver might have a role in Fantastic Four. Stay tuned after the credits for a few minutes of Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. bonus audio you won’t hear anywhere else.


Werewolf By Night
Marvel Studio Weekly News:
Harrison Ford set to take on the Thunderbolt Ross role
Was Mephisto finally cast?
Will Adam Driver Have a Role In Fantastic Four?


Werewolf by Night premiered on Disney+ on October 7, 2022

Directed By: Michael Giacchino
3 directing credits starting in 2018
Monster Challenge (short)
1x Star Trek: Short Treks
Werewolf by Night
157 Composer credits
64 Music department credits (he produced Werewolf by Night’s score)
48 Soundtrack credits (including She-Hulk: Attorney at Law)

Story and Teleplay by: Heather Quinn
2 Writing Credits starting in 2022
1x Hawkeye (3x staff writer and co-producer)
Werewolf by Night (co-producer)

Teleplay by: Peter Cameron
11 Writing Credits starting in 2009
1x Carnival Row
2x WandaVision
2x Moon Knight

Major Cast:
Gael García Bernal                     ...         Jack Russell
Laura Donnelly                                       ...         Elsa Bloodstone
Harriet Sansom Harris    ...                                 Verussa
Kirk R. Thatcher                                     ...         Joshua Jovan
Eugenie Bondurant                                             ...         Azarel
Leonardo Nam                                       ...         Liorn
Daniel J. Watts                                       ...         Barasso
Al Hamacher                                                      ...         Billy Swan (the servant)
Carey Jones                                                       ...         Ted (The Man-Thing)
David Silverman                                     ...         The Flaming Tuba
Rick D. Wasserman                                            ...         Narrator (voice) (as Rick Wasserman)
Richard Dixon                                        ...         Ulysses Bloodstone (voice)
Jeffrey Ford                                                       ...         Additional Man-Thing Vocalizations 
Erik Beck                                                           ...         Puppeteer


Harrison Ford Set As General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross For ‘Captain America: New World Order’, Will Star Opposite Anthony Mackie
EXCLUSIVE: It’s official. Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones franchise) will be taking over the Marvel role of General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, beginning with Phase 5 title Captain America: New World Order. He’ll star opposite Anthony Mackie, with Shira Haas, Tim Blake Nelson and Carl Lumbly also among the ensemble.

Marvel Studios Has Reportedly Found Its Mephisto
After multiple outlets reported on the rumor, Editor-In-Chief of Cosmic Circus, Lizzie Hill, took to Twitter to confirm what she'd heard on the matter. According to these sources, Marvel Studios cast Sacha Baron Cohen in Ironheart, with many reporting he'll take up the mantle of Mephisto. This comes after years of rumors, with fans believing the dark lord of hell might be pulling the strings in nearly every Marvel Disney+ series, most notably WandaVision.

RUMOR: Adam Driver Has Met With Marvel for Fantastic Four Role
According to The Hot Mic podcast, Driver has met with Marvel Studios for an undisclosed role in the upcoming reboot of the First Family. There's no word on which role Driver would play, though his villainous turn in the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy makes Doctor Doom an obvious choice.


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This podcast was recorded on Saturday October 22nd, 2022.

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