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Each week four fans of Marvel Comics Agent Lauren, Agent Michelle Agent Chris, and Director SP Rupert debrief you on the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or other related Marvel Universe content and news. Don't forget to leave a Voicemail at 1-844-THE-BUS1 (1-844-843-2871). Legends of Shield is a proud member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network.

Mar 4, 2021

The Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Lauren, Agent Michelle and show Producer SP discuss the Disney+ WandaVision episode eight “Previously On.” The Agents debrief you on National Tooth Fairy Day, where Scarlett Witch came from and how she uses Chaos magic, how SP was right about the flashback nature of the show, how Lauren and Michelle were right about Wanda’s grief, the Agatha and Wanda origin stories, what the significance of Agatha’s purple based magic might mean, how Wanda and Agatha could be like Ezra and Maul in Star Wars Rebels, the continued Hayward uncertainty, Fietro versus Pietro, the timeline of when WandaVision was filmed, why there is no more television show broadcast, why Wanda is a couch potato, the wondrous possibilities surrounding Vision now, various mental issues associated with grief and how they were portrayed in the episode, what was up with the lot Vision bought, next episode predictions, Michelle’s Mom’s take, and some listener feedback. Stay tuned after the credits for a few minutes of Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. bonus audio.


WandaVision S01E08 “Previously On”
Weekly Marvel News
Listener Feedback


WandaVision “Previously On” premiered on Disney+ on February 26th, 2021.

S1E8 “Previously On”

Directed By: Matt Shakman
51 Directing credits starting 2002
1x Judging Amy
1x Six Feet Under
2x Everybody Hates Chris
3x Ugly Betty
5x House
5x Psych
4x Revenge
6x The Good Wife
2x Game of Thrones
9x WandaVision

Written By: Laura Donney
2 Writing credits starting 2019
Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas - TV Movie
1x WandaVision (staff writer - 9 episodes)

Jac Schaeffer is the WandaVision Showrunner.

Producer (3 Credits)
Wandavision is her first series produced
Writer (6 Credit)
Timer (2009)
The Hustle (2019)
WandaVision - written by x1 (2021)
Black Widow (2021)

NEWS [50:48]


Kevin Fiege at Television Critics Association Winter 2021 Tour
25 minute Q&A -
Second seasons for Disney+ Shows?
“Some of the shows that I mentioned that we’re about to start filming, we are keeping in mind a structure that would lead into a Season 2 and a Season 3 in a more direct way than say a show like WandaVision, which clearly goes into a feature. But it is new,” Feige said. “Perhaps one day we’ll chart out five seasons of a show. But really we’re focusing on delivering the best seasons we can one at a time so far.”
When asked about the possibility of a WandaVision Season 2, Feige said, “I’ve been at Marvel too long to say a definitive no to anything.” However he added that WandaVision was designed to feed right into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Elizabeth Olsen is currently shooting that film in London.

Honor | Marvel Studios' The Falcon and the Winter Soldier | Disney+ (Premiere’s March 19th)

Marvel's Loki Series Premiere Date Revealed By Disney+ (TCA announcement)
June 11th, 2021



SpiderMan No Way Home Title Release - only in theaters

FEEDBACK [56:25]

Dr. Gnome to you on Twitter: "@LegendsofSHIELD Finally, we have the long sought-after answer." / Twitter
wasteaway on Twitter: "@LegendsofSHIELD I was not ready and I was seeing myself in Wanda so much in the love and joy of tv that the hit had me jump back" / Twitter


From LoS365 Live Recording:

First of all I would like to thank Billy THE KID Lawrence for writing such an extensive comment to our last YouTube Live Stream
You are clearly passionate about this topic and have sources your examples well
Thank thank you so much for checking out our show - we are honored to have someone as passionate as yourself listen and watch our show enough to respond to what was basically a 45 second clip in our previous episode
Secondly, for those that did not see the comment, here is what Billy was responding to:
My comment on Fiege and S.H.I.E.L.D. talking about the Darkhold and Dr. Strange:
“But since Kevin Fiege has kind of/sort of said that the Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. was no longer part of the MCU.  I’m thinking its more aligned to Dr. Strange than Agents Of SHIELD.”
Truthfully my statement was poorly worded as this was not a prime portion of our discussion and I was trying to quickly go over the point to try to frame what the magical book could be
It’s fair to say that Kevin Fiege - to my knowledge - has never actually said anything specific about Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the MCU canon as the show went into its final two seasons
My comment - and my current belief that the final two seasons of Agents OF S.H.I.E.L.D. are not MCU canon - are derived from the fact that Fiege has never said anything positive to INCLUDE Agents OF SHIELD within the MCU or negative other than using the characters in MCU projects which so far have only been retro in nature (i.e. coulson in Captain Marvel)
Basically by omitting confirmation of the last two seasons of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. in MCU canon Kevin Fiege has created significant enough doubt for me that where Agents Of SHIELD ended was not in fact MCU canon
However, I will allow for the fact that if the multiverse is explained within the MCU - much like DC’s CW Crisis event - that Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. could be within a broader MCU multiverse
From Fiege’s TCU Panel:
Alex Zalben (@azalben)
"I think there are legions of Agents of SHIELD fans, and Daredevil fans, and Jessica Jones fans, and Luke Cage fans who would disagree with you," Feige says when asked about why his approach is potentially more successful than previous Marvel TV #TCA21
Alex Zalben (@azalben)
"There are often rumors that are true, and often rumors that are not true," Feige says, saying it was fun to have Clark Gregg come back for Captain Marvel, but won't saying anything about other AGENTS OF SHIELD characters returning. "Everything else, we'll have to see." #TCA21
Billy’s Opening Comment:
“Not about Wandavision, but....Regarding the Prime MCU (Earth 199,999),....Agents of SHIELD is 100 percent canon, taking place and fitting perfectly within that universe.”
Be careful about absolutes when it comes to a fictional universe. Canon can change over time within Disney - i.e. Star Wars
And if it isn’t specifically stated by those in charge of Disney creative content, there will always be ambiguity
Thank you again - VERY MUCH - Billy for your comment and for listening to and watching Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D.. We are all very greatly to read your comment

Billy THE KID Lawrence

5 days ago

Not about Wandavision, but....Regarding the Prime MCU (Earth 199999),....Agents of SHIELD is 100 percent canon, taking place and fitting perfectly within that universe. SHIELD in particular, goes out of its way to make it clear they fit into that timeline in their finale. They finished strong on Prime MCU (Earth 199999) in the year 2020, between the events of Infinity War and Endgame.
Forgive me. This is going to be slightly long-winded, but I see so many people that like to spread misinformation and say that SHIELD and the other shows somehow aren't canon. I'll use SHIELD as my main example and the controversies surrounding its continuity. Everyone likes to act like it doesn't take place in the same universe for some reason just because of things like…they don't mention the Snap/Blip in Season 6 onward. Listen. Not everyone has to mention the Snap/Blip every second like it's the biggest deal going on, especially a year into it, which is when Season 6 takes place. Also, none of our agents were directly affected by the Snap/Blip like the rest of the world. They were in that half that didn't get snapped, and Coulson's death was not something that made them think of said event. It wasn't the thing that killed him. It was the last thing on their minds an entire year later. They wouldn't feel the need to mention it constantly and simply would be focusing on their duty protecting the world as they did. That's like saying I should lose focus on my reality because 9/11 happened. It doesn't work like that. It makes perfect sense for it to be represented the way it was and the world was just trying to return to normal again alongside them protecting it.
Then, there's the "but everything didn't look bleak and dark like in Endgame argument"...Newsflash, even in Endgame, every single place on Earth didn't feel depressing or dark, and quite clearly, Tony Stark was living a normal "I've moved on" sort of life, as were the Asgardians & more. The Agents, who were much less affected than Stark, are likewise going to move on, and mention the event even less than he probably does, if at all. They also had some of their team on missions up in space for a long while, four of them to be exact. Again, their focus is not on the Blip/Snap aftermath a year later. The state of the Earth recovering is maybe a part of their focus, but only in that they continued to do their jobs, and protect the Earth whilst it recovered.....A YEAR AFTER IT HAPPENED.
Then, the argument becomes "they time traveled and entered a different timeline so now it's not canon" Wrong again. In both instances of time travel, they always came back to their original timeline and this is made explicit every time. They did not create a new one and then simply stay there. Not in Season 5. Not in Season 7. Only one character stayed in the alternative timeline they created and that was Deke. The show ended in the year 2020, after our characters traveled through the Quantum Realm back to their home Earth of which I just mentioned is the mainline MCU. Fitz clearly explains how this works and makes it clear to the audience that this is what they do, aside from the clear shots of them doing so in the Quantum Realm....
The 2020 they are in,…is the time period of the Snap/Blip, in between Infinity War and Endgame, on Earth 199999 (Prime MCU). SHIELD has been fully re-established and the Triskelion has been rebuilt, as seen briefly in the background at the end of SHIELD and in a Spider-Man Homecoming deleted scene. This is canon, not alternative timeline stuff. The other argument becomes “but the Triskelion has to be an alternative timeline because it was destroyed. No. In the ONLY ONE alternative timeline they created in Season 7, the Triskelion was destroyed the same exact day that they went back to their original timeline. There would be zero time to rebuild it after merely a year and it would make zero sense if that were the case. What makes more sense and is actually confirmed canon based on what we've seen on-screen and in dialogue, is that they are in the prime MCU timeline, with the newly rebuilt Triskelion, as was clearly represented with their journey back through the Quantum Realm, and again, the Triskelion was confirmed being rebuilt in the Spider-Man Homecoming deleted scene, and it would make more sense that it took 6 years to rebuild versus the 1 day alternatively.
In this 2020, within the prime MCU on Earth 199999, as has been established numerous times now (hope people get that through their head), a new SHIELD academy was also built, honoring Coulson's memory after he passed in the year of 2018. The characters' stories, as far as that series is concerned, ended, but there is full potential for them to return, and they absolutely should return in their own Disney+ show and/or other Disney+ shows/movies in the MCU. The characters were too consistently well-written and have so much further potential to be explored as well as finally being able to cross over in a more in-depth manner with Feige running the show. I hope they pick back up on the stories in the present day, time-jumping the narrative from 2020 like they did from 2018-2023 in Endgame. Too much time was spent on these characters by fans who love & adore them to no end, and too much of that time was invested with the notion of them being in the prime MCU, of which nothing thus far retcons them out of it. Please, Kevin Feige & Marvel Studios, do these characters justice and don’t ignore prior continuities. Same can be said for the Netflix characters, Runaways, Cloak & Dagger, etc. 
Also, the other big argument is that Feige doesn't consider the shows canon and that it's all interlinking for the first time by his own mouth. Wrong. He never once has confirmed anything not canon and has only said otherwise, confirming them all to be in the same continuity, and that the potential opportunity to use them in the MCU again is always there. He only said they'll be interlinking for the first time in regards to the bigger picture and story all-around, not the canon of them being within universe. People are highly ignorant of this and they also like so spread false drama hearsay as if they know everything going on behind the scenes. All we know is what is confirmed by Feige, on-screen visuals, and dialogue...and all of it says Agents of SHIELD and the other shows are canon.

The current state of the AoS characters in the year 2020 (Prime MCU Earth 199999) is as follows:

Coulson (Chronicom LMD): An Advanced Chronicom LMD of Coulson, out seeing the world

Mack: Director of SHIELD, Fury is retired/snapped

May: Teacher at the new SHIELD academy

Flint: Student at the new SHIELD academy

Deke: Running an alternate timeline SHIELD as Director

Daisy: In Space with Daniel Sousa & Kora (SWORD?)

Sousa: In Space with Daisy Johnson & Kora (SWORD?)

Kora: In Space with Daisy Johnson and Daniel Sousa (SWORD?)

Piper: Working missions with Yo-Yo/LMD Davis

LMD Davis: Working missions with Yo-Yo/Piper

Yo-Yo: Working missions with Piper/LMD Davis

Fitz: Retired with kid, married to Simmons

Simmons: Retired with kid, married to Fitz

There are other supporting/minor/prior main characters whose stories are left to the imagination as of current, as the last time we saw them, they could have ended up anywhere, but I’m sure they could be brought back just as easily (gimme some Koenig Patton Oswalt action!), and I hope they are. Anyway, I really needed to make this comment because I’m so tired of seeing everyone falsify this narrative of non-canonicity and act like it’s the truth, that they’re not canon, when they are. It sickens me. So, I apologize if I came off kinda jerk-ish in places on here, but it just frustrates me. It’s a beautiful written show that consistently gets better and better each season, and deserves way better than it’s gotten in the eyes of the public. I sincerely hope Feige, Disney, and Marvel Studios do the right thing to bring these characters back full-force with their established continuities........


Thu, Feb 25, 11:24 AM (3 days ago)
I keep thinking about how we got the amazing Photon/Spectrum origin in episode 7 but most of the chatter was about the fact that (ostensibly) a big comic book name wasn't involved in it.  
Or how a lot of the theorizing has phrases like "it has to be" "it better be" "if it's not (x) I'm gonna"
Ever wonder if the real big bad of Wandavision, the people Agnes might be pulling all of these strings for the benefit of, even though in the end it probably won't even be good enough, is us, the audience?

OUTRO [1:13:29]

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