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Each week three fans of Marvel Comics Agent Lauren, Agent Michelle and Director Stargate Pioneer debrief you on the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or other related Marvel Universe content and news. Don't forget to leave a Voicemail at 1-844-THE-BUS1 (1-844-843-2871). Legends of Shield is a proud member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network.

Nov 14, 2019

The Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Director SP and Agent Michelle discuss the Cloak And Dagger season one penultimate finale episodes “Back Breaker” and “Colony Collapse.” The Agents debrief you on the Hero’s Journey and how our Cloak &Dagger Heroes experienced it, the history and the outcomes of the previous Divine Pairings, how to get high on hopes, all the new Cloak & Dagger new powers, how Peter Scarborough gets to experience his own Groundhog Day, what O’Reilly has possibly become and how there is a LOT more to come in season 2 of Cloak & Dagger.




  • Cloak And Dagger “Back Breaker” and “Colony Collapse”
  • Weekly Marvel News






Cloak and Dagger “Back Breaker” and “Colony Collapse” aired on Freeform on July 26th, 2018 and July 2nd, 2018.


Main Cast:


Olivia Holt                                  -           Tandy Bowen / Dagger


Aubrey Joseph                           -           Tyrone Johnson / Cloak


Gloria Reuben                            -           Adina Johnson


Andrea Roth                              -           Melissa Bowen


J.D. Evermore                            -           Detective Connors


Miles Mussenden                        -           Otis Johnson


Carl Lundstedt                            -           Liam Walsh


Emma Lahana                            -           Detective Brigid O'Reilly


Jaime Zevallos                           -           Father Delgado


Noëlle Renée Bercy                    -           Evita Fusilier


Angela Davis                             -           Auntie Chantelle


Ally Maki                                   -           Mina Hess


Dalton E. Gray                           -           Benny


Andrea Frankle                          -           Chief of Police Duchamp


Frank Monteleone                       -           Dan Hartlett


Wayne Pére                               -           Peter Scarborough (as Wayne Péré)


Josh Ventura                              -           Officer Lafayette


Gralen Bryant Banks                  -           Choo Choo Broussard (as Gralen Bryant)


Tim Kang                                   -           Ivan Hess


Luray Cooper                             -           Big Chief Roland Duplantier


Maceo Smedley                          -           Young Tyrone (as Maceo Smedley III)


Marqus Clae                               -           Billy


Lane Miller                                 -           Officer Fuchs


Andy Dylan                                -           Nathan Bowen


Hannah Hardin                           -           Young Mina Hess


Wyman Tannehill                        -           Mud Man


Chelsea Bruland                         -           Engineer Sam


Sean Paul Braud                        -           Welder Charlie


Rachel Ryals                              -           Young Tandy


Mike Donovan                            -           Rick


Jim Klock                                   -           Coach


Dalon J. Holland                         -           Duane Porter


Zachary James Rukavina            -.          Louden Swift


Dalon J. Holland                         -           Duane


Preston Vanderslice                    -           Stan


Deric Augustine                          -           Rockwell


Armando Leduc                          -           Desk Sergeant


William Prejean                          -           Patrolman Hannigan


Douglas M. Griffin                       -           Chief Watts


Al Vicente                                  -           Trip


Catherine Ashton                        -           Miss Ainsley


Eduardo Losan                           -           Keg Kid


Ben Matheny                              -           Buyer


James Dean Smith                      -           Taxi Driver


Chandler Ryne Hollingsworth       -           Jeremiah


Chelle Ramos                             -           Delia


Snow Nguyen                             -           Nana


Alex Stage                                 -           Groomsman


Alex Ho                                     -           Elmer


Carsyn Taylor                            -           Young Billy


Andrea Andrade                         -           Young Bride


Preston Schrag                          -           Gregory


Tyler Galpin                               -           Rick's Friend


Gary Weeks                               -           Greg


“Back Breaker”


Directed By: Jeff Woolnough 

73 directing credits starting 1991

2x Dracula: The Series

1x Stargate SG-1

2x Earth: Final Conflict

3x Sliders

6x The Outer Limits

6x Dark Angel

1x Smallville

1x Birds of Prey

3x Battlestar Galactica

2x Eureka

2x Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

1x The Vampire Diaries

4x Perception

2x Heroes Reborn

10x Vikings

6x The Expanse

1x Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

2x Cloak & Dagger

aWritten By: Niceole R. Levy

7 writing credits starting 2013

1x Ironside

4x The Mysteries of Laura

3x Shades of Blue

4x Cloak & Dagger

1x Reef Break 


Written By: Peter Calloway

7 writing credits starting 2007

4x Brothers & Sisters

6x Under the Dome

2x Legion

1x American Gods

5x Cloak & Dagger 


“Ghost Stories”


“Colony Collapse”


Directed By: Wayne Yip 

21 directing credits starting 2008

4x Secret Diary of a Call Girl

4x Misfits

1x Salem

2x Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

1x Cloak & Dagger

4x Preacher

3x Doctor Who

1x Deadly Class

2x Into the Badlands

4x Happy!

2x Treadstone


Written by: Joe Pokaski 

8 writing credits starting 2006

8x Heroes

2x Daredevil

16x Underground

7x Cloak & Dagger


Based on the Marvel comics by Bill Mantlo and Ed Hannigan


NEWS [41:39]




OUTRO [46:35]


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This podcast was recorded on Sunday November 10th, 2019.


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