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Each week four fans of Marvel Comics Agent Lauren, Agent Michelle Agent Chris, and Director SP Rupert debrief you on the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or other related Marvel Universe content and news. Don't forget to leave a Voicemail at 1-844-THE-BUS1 (1-844-843-2871). Legends of Shield is a proud member of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network.

Mar 11, 2021

The Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Lauren, Agent Michelle and show Producer SP discuss the Disney+ WandaVision finale episode “The Series Finale.” The Agents debrief you on National Be Heard Day, if the Agents liked the series or not, Agatha and Wand’s epic duel, what is MCU magic and what is it doing, all the incredible CGI done for the series, kudos for the production staff, all the Vison and ViShawn discussion, what the Car Of Theseus is and how it’s a known scifi story, Oh the Twins, Why Wanda walked out on the Twins before the Hex fell, why Wanda was allowed to leave, what the Darkhold in the show might mean, how will Monica transition into Captain Marvel 2, Ralph Bohner’s true identity, who was in witness protection, where might Agent Franklin be, Dottie’s Salem Witch connection, Darcy’s underwhelming departure, how the Pandemic might have effected the story, if fandoms are theorizing themselves out of enjoyment, WandaVision and the stages of grief, Tannhauser Gate, Michelle’s Mom’s take, and some listener feedback. Stay tuned after the credits for a few minutes of Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. bonus audio.


WandaVision S01E09 “The Series Finale”
Weekly Marvel News
Listener Feedback


WandaVision “The Series Finale” premiered on Disney+ on March 5th, 2021.

S1E9 “The Series Finale”

Directed By: Matt Shakman 
51 Directing credits starting 2002
1x Judging Amy
1x Six Feet Under
2x Everybody Hates Chris
3x Ugly Betty
5x House
5x Psych
4x Revenge
6x The Good Wife
2x Game of Thrones
9x WandaVision

Written By: Jac Schaeffer is the WandaVision Showrunner. 
Producer (3 Credits)
Wandavision is her first series produced
Writer (6 Credit)
Timer (2009)
The Hustle (2019)
WandaVision - written by x1 (2021)
Black Widow (2021)

I really enjoyed WandaVision - I thought it was a very fun ride and excellently timed.
Unpopular opinion: Many Marvel fans are over theorizing themselves out of fun - they're headed in a direction of many Star Wars fans.
Over its run, I avoided a lot of the weekly speculation on WandaVision intentionally. I wanted to take in the run as a show largely without influence - just try to watch it for itself and not set in my mind any pre-conceived directions. After watching the finale I went on twitter and saw a common thread - people who expressed disappointed were largely because things didn't go as they had expected (see my Star Wars point?). I tried my best to search back prior weeks and saw similar speculation and results each week. The only real consistent exception to this was those who were completely blind sided at the start of the series - which I totally get why they felt that way.
Even things like the alleged cameo was ruined by people's speculation. When I read what Elizabeth Olsen said, the Evan Peters cameo immediately struck me as it when it popped it's head. Yet, people kept holding off for that last minute cameo because they had pre-conceived in their mind what her words meant (I never expected it because I truly thought the Peters cameo was huge for a variety of reasons universe wise).
What really got me was reading the speculation that happened after last week's episode. As someone who intentionally avoided most of this, the penultimate episode clearly to me served to explain the twist that was revealed the prior episode. It was too the end to be a fake out - so I took it at face value. Yet even trying to avoid it, I heard so many theories on why this was a fake out essentially. Could you imagine if two out of the last three episodes were essentially wasting time with a misdirection? However, for many they were so caught up in their speculation they felt it was the case.
Overall, I'm glad I watched it week to week, but further glad I avoided the excessive speculation. I'm still catching up on the back weeks of speculation, but based on what I'm seeing so far, I'm really glad I avoided it. I really enjoyed every single episode with this approach.

WandaVision's New Darkhold Suggests Agents of SHIELD & Runaways AREN'T Canon

Tannauser Gate Information
"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe: attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I've watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those... moments... will be lost in time, like... tears... in rain".
Watch clip:

NEWS [1:16:07]


Marvel reportedly developing “The Mutants”
According to a report from The Illuminerdi, Marvel Studios has started development on the MCU's X-Men reboot.
the decision to potentially not refer to the team as X-Men could stem from the name not being as inclusive. Marvel Studios EVP of Production Victoria Alonso said in 2019 that she felt the X-Men name was outdated since there are so many women members.
Not confirmed

Marvel drops T.I. from Ant-Man 3
The news comes in the wake of a slew of accusations of sexual abuse against the rapper and actor

FEEDBACK [1:18:51]

Dr. Gnome to you on Twitter: "@LegendsofSHIELD" / Twitter
Gabriel Luna on Twitter: "Okay y’all, I’ll admit it. Under my mattress may not have been the best hiding place. #TheDarkhold #WandaVision" / Twitter
andiminga on Twitter: "@LegendsofSHIELD I dare you to count all of her costumes and hair styles in this series #WandaVision #WVLivetweet" / Twitter
#ViShawn - Vision’s turtleneck


Andreas Kuehn
Sat, Mar 6, 9:00 AM
to stargatepioneer
First up, thanks for the coverage over all the years and specifically this year about WandaVision. I had time yesterday for a rewatch and on this Saturday rewatched the final two episodes. If something is worth picking up from my ramblings, great.
Ois Guade!

Rewatch Wandavision Thoughts before the finale:

1x01: Ohh, now I understand what Wanda was thinking about when Vision mentioned getting "tongue-tied".
Any chance Agnes influenced the Hart's to push those questions onto Wanda and Vision?
Mr. Hart's mouth was empty and we didn't see him eat more when Wanda made him choke on something.

1x02: "Get the light" meaning like "Chili con carne"??
Opening sequence the Heart Shape just like in the land purchase certificate!
Hydra castle wallpaper also visible when Wanda moves from kitchen to living room.
Still don't get why Agnes was pushing Wanda so much to impress Dottie. We didn't see her real face in Westview in Ep 8, did we?
Westview town square still every time looks too artificial.
In the "Agatha All Along" sequence she did something with Senor Scratchy during the magic show. But didn't notice what.
"For the children" will it play a role in ep 9??
So what did happen to Agent Franklin aka. The Beekeeper? Did he get cancelled or did Wanda transform him to Billy and Tommy?


Wanda transferred Pietro's Super Speed to Vision in her reality I guess.
Still very impressed by Elizabeth Olsen's comedic and dramatic acting skills. All the awards to her! Especially when she changes her accent and posture.
The Soudscape in this show, especially when Wanda questions Geraldine is worth mentioning.


Lost half the personal after The Blip, so that means after the people appeared again 3 weeks ago.
So after Wanda left the SWORD facility, did Hayward know she ended up in Westview so he sent Monica intentionally there??
That Witness better be revealed in the season finale. I still have no clue. And the logo on the copcar said Eastview.
Can't be a coincidence that the missing person ended up in the same town like where Vision allegedly bought that lot.
Still no dossier on Dottie.
After first baby it took a minute during the broadcast for the 2nd to appear. Here Darcy immediately exclaimed "Twins". So a bit was censored cause it missed Vision arriving with the Doc.
The soundtrack and everything after Wanda had expelled Monica, still giving me chills.


During the briefing scene on the TVs in the background we see scenes from the sitcom in 1x03 AND 1x05
Hayward ordering the drone strike, did he do it intentionally cause he hoped for Wanda to imbue it with her magic powers?
Her eyes when Wanda kneels down to talk to the Twins. So mesmerizing!
"Say WHAT again MF, I Dare you, I double DARE you!!"


"The guy who almost got murdered by his own murder squad" My favorite comedic line of the series.
Only this time noticed behind the Woman on a loop her husband on a loop as well in the background.
So if everything Wanda created in the hex has a foundation of being there before, how can Hayward track Vision with his vibranium signature?
Still no idea what was Agartha's intention with her conversation with Vision.
The agent who was with Darcy, they really left him alone when the barrier expanded.


Serious question, when you have subtitles on, during the scene of Wanda making breakfast, do you see like a radio commentator text on subtitles but don't hear anything? It is about Halloween.
Gonna imagine the contortionist in the circus set is the same actress from Game of Thrones
Whoa! While Wanda's realities are bugging, there are just glimpses of the real Westview, meaning there is no house she is standing in.
Agents of SHIELD had some fantastic Visual Effects, but this show is on another level!
Wanda attacking Monica, reminding me of Bilbo Baggins turning scary when reaching for the ring from Frodo in Rivendell.
Oh, there was Dottie before the superhero landing following thoughts are AFTER watching 1x09


Agatha really was always a superb actress. The Absorbing enchantress of the Mystical Arts.
Huh, did you expect that the runes will come into play again?
Some "The Americans" vibes with the Sokovia setting and shoutout to Christophe Beck with the variant score in this episode and complete series.
The visuals, the girl portraying Young Wanda and the score again resulting in some wet eyes.
Did we get a definite answer if Wanda already had some magic powers to stop the bomb, which were only supercharged by the mind stone?
Finally we get to see the moment. Like when Peter Quill touched the Infinity Stone. The gem chooses them like the One True Ring.
I would also love to have a Synthezoid to watch entertainment programmes with me.
Agatha fake-removing a tear...all the praise for Katheryn Hahn and Elizabeth Olsen. Additionally props to Paul Bettany during this series!
"dismantling" and "rebuilding" sounds like an Antithesis to me! How did Hayward suspect that Wanda has the power to reactivate Vision?
Pure chills during the creation scene. Without her inherent Magical Powers Wanda might have not survived the contact with the Mind Stone?
"making breakfast for dinner", ohhh callback to the first episode
The mix of chaos magic energy and Mind Stone energy (which merged with Wanda) being the only source to power up Whision?


Good Idea by Wanda, to use her powers against Agatha like Darth Vader flinging stuff at Luke in Bespin.
We didn't see Whision entering the Hex because of Plot Requires
As good as the series is, Hayward was for me not a really well enough written antagonist.
Even Peters as a mind-controlled Ralph Bohner (ohhh that is Ralph), a bit of a cop-out for my taste. And still nothing about the missing person.
When Wanda disappears in front of Agatha, didn't think she had the knowledge to add the Runes to her Hex.
And with that memory dump, Whision is like, See ya Suckkas. Gonna make my own home, with Black Jack and Nutten!
No hint in this finale what Wanda has unleashed. 60-40 in a future project we will see her undoing the spell on Agatha.
"Who knows what I might be next", so he will leave it up for Whision to decide if he wants to meet up with Wanda.
Final End Credits scene, gonna speculate that the Scarlet Witch is learning the Darkhold to restore the Twins.

OUTRO [1:23:51]

Lauren, Michelle and SP love to hear back from you about how you would rate the episode we just discussed, your top 5 Marvel character lists, your science of Marvel questions, who would you pick in an all-female Avenger team, or which Marvel male you would like to see shirtless. Call the voicemail line at 1-844-THE-BUS1 or 844-843-2871.

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