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Aug 14, 2017

The Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Stargate Pioneer, Agent Haley and Agent Lauren discuss the fourth Iron Fist episode “Eight Diagram Dragon Palm.”




  • Iron Fist “Eight Diagram Dragon Palm”
  • Marvel News Since Last Show
  • Listener Feedback


IRON FIST “Eight Diagram Dragon Palm” [4:24]




Netflix made all 13 episodes of Iron Fist available on Friday March 17th, 2017.


Directed By: Miguel Sapochnik

22 Directing Credits spanning back to 2000 that include:

Repo Men (2010)

6 x House

1 x Falling Skies

2 x Fringe

2 x Banshee

1 x Revolution

1 x Under The dome

1 x True Detective

4 x Game Of Thrones

1 x Iron Fist


Written By: Scott Reynolds

6 credits since 2012

2 x E-Ring

11 x Dexter

2 x The Following

5 x Jessica Jones

2 x Iron Fist

- Bar the Big Boss (2017) ... (written by)

- Eight Diagram Dragon Palm (2017) ... (written by)

ALSO Producer For: Dexter, The Following, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist




Meaning of “Eight Diagram Dragon Palm”


Fall from the window

  • He dedicated himself to serve all things Kun-Lun


Danny’s Awake in Harold Meachum’s tower

  • Harold and Danny hugged
  • Harold tells story of cancer
  • Harold died and rose after 3 days
  • The Hand infested Rand
  • Sworn enemy of the hand
  • Joy cannot know
  • Danny has full re-instatement
  • Ward warns Danny about Harold



  • Video of Colleen’s fight


Danny Rand returns to Rand Enterprises

  • J-Money is in the audience
  • Rand Matters
  • Joy won’t see him


Meeting with J-Money In his New Office

  • Signs paperwork
  • Stickers under the desk
  • Hostile Take-over

Pricing Strategy For New Drug Meeting

  • Sits next to Joy
  • $5 a pill up to $50
  • No one should profit off the misery of others



  • Colleen beats up the dummy


Harold Call To Ward

  • How are you going oo take care of that reporter?
  • Joy is taking care of Danny


Joy and Danny Walk

  • Danny confirms Joy gave Jerry the bowl
  • Talk about Harold


Fight Club

  • Colleen returns
  • The Daughter Of The Dragon Has Returned
  • 2 fighters, double the payday
  • Bloody, but wins


Why was the Pier Bought?

  • Ward said so
  • Danny earned the job
  • Tells the story of the monastery
  • Joy Kidnaps
  • Hallway fight
  • Elevator Fight





  • Why did you take the pier from us?
  • The Hand forced us
  • We’re sorry


Harold Is Taken by Gao


Colleen trains Joy

  • Danny fixes Colleen’s hand
  • Colleen refuses Danny’s payments


Harold Unhooded

  • Reward For The Pier
  • Harold sees Joy
  • Harold asks for a favor
  • Joy’s attacker is killed … by Harold


Ward’s meeting with the reporter pays off with the story


Gift for Danny Rand … tattoo?




Finn Jones - as - Danny Rand / Iron Fist (The Sarah Janes Adventures, Game Of Thrones)

  • A billionaire Buddhist monk and martial artist proficient in kung-fu, with the ability to call upon the mystical power of the Iron Fist. Jones described the character as "someone struggling to find his identity", and identified with the character's loneliness being an orphan like Rand. He noted that "Danny gets really stressed and really pissed off sometimes, and I understand that ... [his] optimism and where that comes from."In preparation for the role, Jones studied kung fu, wushu, and tai chi, along with weight training, Buddhist philosophy, and meditation. Toby Nichols portrays a young Danny Rand.


Jessica Henwick - as - Colleen Wing (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Game of Thrones)

  • A martial artist ally of Rand who runs her own martial arts dojo called Chikara Dojo in New York City. Henwick felt the most defining word for Wing was "alone", saying, "She doesn't want to be anyone's love interest and open herself up in that way." Henwick also tried "to pull out that sort of very dry humor that [Wing] has, and that no bullshit New Yorker demeanor" from the comics version in her portrayal.


Tom Pelphrey - as - Ward Meachum (Guiding Light, As the World Turns, Banshee)

  • The son of Harold and childhood acquaintance of Rand, whose work building up Rand Enterprises with his sister Joy is threatened to be undone with Rand's return. Ward is a character from the comics, though Pelphrey noted "we’re not necessarily beholden to representing him [in the series] exactly as he appears in the comic book." Stroup said that Ward would experience some "male angst" on Rand's return, because "Ward would have been the one who picked on [Rand] when he was little so as pure and innocent and great as Iron Fist is, he comes in and he causes some problems" there. Ilan Eskenazi portrays a teenage Ward Meachum.


Jessica Stroup - as - Joy Meachum (90210, The Following, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back)

  • The daughter of Harold and childhood acquaintance of Rand, whose work building up Rand Enterprises with her brother Ward is threatened to be undone with Rand's return. Stroup said that Joy "absolutely loves" Rand, and his return to New York is "like this rebirth of what she once was, and she gets to ask these questions about herself because he’s posing them to her." Stroup said that Joy would initially be unsure whether Rand is who he says he is. Aimee Laurence portrays a young Joy Meachum.


Ramón Rodríguez - as - Bakuto (The Wire, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Charlie's Angels TV Series, Need for Speed)

  • A leader of a faction of The Hand and Colleen Wing's sensei.


Sacha Dhawan - as - Davos (After Earth, An Adventure in Space and Time, Sherlock)

  • A skilled martial artist who is the son of Lei Kung and Rand's former best friend in K'un-Lun, who grew envious when Rand became the Iron Fist. Although Dhawan first appeared in the ninth episode of the first season, Dhawan noted that the majority of Davos' storyline was intended to be explored in a potential second season.


Rosario Dawson  - as - Claire Temple (Josie and the Pussycats, Men in Black II, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Sin City, Rent, Clerks II, Robot Chicken, Gemini Division, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Defenders)

  • A former nurse from Hell's Kitchen who joins Wing's dojo. Dawson reprises her role from previous Marvel Netflix series.


David Wenham  - as - Harold Meachum (Moulin Rouge!, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, After the Deluge, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Van Helsing, 300, 300: Rise of an Empire, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales)

  • A ruthless corporate leader and co-founder of Rand Enterprises who was partners with Rand’s parents at the time of their deaths. Regarding Harold's relationship with his children, Joy and Ward, Wenham said the dynamic between the three of them "is complex, to say the least. It’s multilayered, it’s multidimensional, it’s surprising and it’s forever changing, depending on the circumstances."




David Furr as Wendell Rand (Bit part actor in a ton. Noted for appearances in 13 Hours, TURN: Washington's Spies)

  • Danny's father and co-founder of Rand Enterprises.


Barrett Doss as Megan

  • A secretary to Danny Rand and the Meachums at Rand Enterprises.


Alex Wyse as Kyle

  • Harold Meachum's personal assistant.


Marquis Rodriguez as Darryl

  • A student at Wing's dojo. Rodriguez reprises his role from Luke Cage.


Wai Ching Ho as Gao

  • An accomplished woman and former ally of Wilson Fisk with her own heroin trade in Hell's Kitchen who has connections with The Hand. Ho reprises her role from Daredevil.


Ramon Fernandez as Kevin Singleton

  • Harold Meachum's loyal bodyguard.


Clifton Davis as Lawrence Wilkins

  • A member of the Rand Enterprises board of directors.


John Sanders as Donald Hooper

  •  A member of the Rand Enterprises board of directors.


Elise Santora as Maria Rodriguez

  •  A member of the Rand Enterprises board of directors.


NEWS [34:26]




Jonathan Hickman confirms Fantastic 4 comic cancelled over movie rights



It sounds like Inhumans’ latest press panel didn’t go so well


Agents of SHIELD Season Five Will Premiere Sooner Than Expected




Riz Ahmed in talks to join Venom




Disney store adds official Ms. Marvel costume for kids


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