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May 8, 2022

The Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Michelle, Agent Chris and Producer of the show Director SP with Consultant Anthony from Capes On The Couch podcast discuss the Disney+ Moon Knight sixth and final episode “Gods and Monsters.” The Team debriefs you on National Astronaut Day, highlights of the creative team behind the camera, a Legends of S.H.I.E.L.D. Exclusive episode synopsis, initial thoughts of the episode, that notable final fight blackout moment, the confusing ending, why Jake and Khonshu are both [bleeps], how the Moon Knight series is short on … Moon Knight, the lack of MCU connections, the dual final fight and Layla The Avatar, and their final disappointing thoughts of the series. The Team also discuss the top Marvel Studios news stories of the week including the sad news of Neal Adams passing and his historic and acclaimed career, why the Fantastic Four MCU film is in need of a new Director, and how Marvel Studios is swapping MCU release dates like they are NFL Draft Day trades. There’s listener feedback this episode and stay tuned after the credits for some lengthy fantastic Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. bonus audio.




  • Moon Knight Disney+ Finale Episode “Gods And Monsters”
  • Weekly Marvel Studio News
    • Neal Adams’ Passing And Historic Career
    • Fantastic Four Is Director Shopping
    • Marvel Studios Is Swapping MCU Release Dates
  • Audience Feedback
    • Your Moon Knight Finale Questions




  • Moon Knight “Gods And Monsters” premiered on Disney+ on Wednesday May 4th, 2022.


S1E6 “Gods And Monsters”


Directed By: Directed By: Mohamed Diab

4 Directing Credits starting in 2010

4 x Moon Knight

(Wrote The Island [2007] and The Island 2 [2014])



Writer:  Danielle Iman

4 Writing Credit since 2022

1 x Riverdale

1 x Moon Knight


Jeremy Slater is the Moon Knight Showrunner and co-wrote this episode


Moon Knight Main Cast

  • Oscar Isaac             ...         Marc Spector / Steven Grant / Moon Knight
    • Robin Hood (Prince John) 2010
    • Sucker Punch (Blue Jones) 2011
    • Star Tours: The Adventures Continue (Poe Dameron) 2011
    • The Bourne Legacy (Outcome #3) 2012
    • Ex Machina (Nathan) 2014
    • Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)
    • X-Men: Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur / Apocalypse) 2016
    • Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi 2017
    • Star Wars Resistance 2018-2019
    • The Addams Family (Gomez Addams) 2019
    • Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker 2019
    • Dune (Duke Leto Atreides) 
    • The Addams Family 2 (Gomez Addams) 2021
    • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse - Part One (Miguel O'Hara ) 2022
  • Ethan Hawke             ...         Arthur Harrow
    • Explorers (Ben Crandall) 1985
    • Dead Poets Society (Todd Anderson) 1989
    • White Fang (Jack) 1991
    • Alive (Nando Parrado) 1993
    • Reality Bites (Troy Dyer) 1994
    • Quiz Show (Don Quixote Student) 1994
    • Gattaca (Vincent / Jerome) 1997
    • Great Expectations (Finnegan Bell) 1998
    • Training Day (Jake) 2001
    • Total Recall (Carl Hauser) 2012
    • The Purge (James Sandin) 2013
    • The Magnificent Seven (Goodnight Robicheaux) 2016
    • Tesla (Nikola Tesla) 2020
    • Moon Knight (Arthur Harrow) 2022
    • Knives Out 2 2022
  • Murray Abraham ...         Khonshu (voice)
    • Amadeus (Antonio Salieri) 1984
    • Slipstream (Cornelius) 1989
    • Beyond The Stars (Dr. Harry Bertram) 1989
    • Last Action Hero (John Practice) 1993
    • Star Trek: Insurrection (Ru'afo) 1998
  • May Calamawy             ...         Layla El-Faouly 
    • The Long Road Home (Faiza) 7x2017
    • Ramy (Dena Hassan) 2019-2020
  • Gaspard Ulliel                         ...         Anton Mogart / Midnight Man
  • Lucy Thac keray ...         Donna
  • Saffron Hocking ...         Dylan
  • Joseph Millson             ...         Grant (Tomb Buster)
    • 72 Acting Credits since 1997
      • Casino Royale
      • The Sarah Jane Adventures
      • Various Genre video games
    • Antonia Salib ...         Tawaret 
      • Moon Knight is her only iMDB credit
    • Fernanda Andrade ...         Wendy Spector
      • 41 acting credits since 2000
        • Fallen (2006)
        • 2 x Sons Of Anarchy (2011)
        • The Devil Inside (2012)
        • 1 x From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2016)
        • 10 x Next (2020)
      • Rey Lucas ...         Elias Spector
        • 33 Acting Credits since 2000
          • 2 x Luke Cage (2018)
          • 4 x Manifest (2019-2020)
          • 3 x The Blacklist (2013-2020)
        • Claudio Fabian Contreras ...         Randall Spector (Brother)
        • David Jake Rodriguez             ...         Teenage Marc
        • Usama Soliman ...         Abdallah El-Faouly


NEWS [43:37]




  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (May 6, 2022)










  • Armor Wars is in development for release on Disney+ but no date has been announced. 


  • Echo is in development for release on Disney+
    • Confirmed on Disney+ Day 12 Nov 21 but no release/premiere date given. 


  • Agatha: House of Harkness
    • Announced/Confirmed on Disney+ Day 12 Nov 2021


  • An untitled Wakanda series is in development for release on Disney+ but no date has been announced. 


  • X-Men ‘97 (2023)
    • Written by Executive Producer Beau DeMayo.
    • Announced Disney+ Day (12 Nov 2021)


  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (Feb. 17, 2023)



  • Marvel Zombies
    • Animated series announced on Disney+ Day 12 Nov 21
    • No date given


  • Also, we know there will be a Loki season two at some point.


  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (July 28, 2023)


  • The Marvels (May 5th, 2023)


  • Fantastic Four  (???)


  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special
    • Confirmed during Disney+ Day 12 Nov 21
    • Different from I Am Groot


  • Spider-Man: Freshman Year
    • Announced during Disney+ Day 12 Nov 2021
    • No premiere date given


  • Untitled (February 16th, 2024)


  • Untitled (May 3rd, 2024)


  • Untitled (July 26th, 2024)


  • Untitled (November 8th, 2024)


  • List of MCU films in production without premiere dates
    • Fantastic Four
    • Deadpool 3
    • Blade
    • Avengers-Level Team up to end the phase (not confirmed in development)
      • Could be linked to Russo Brothers story from last week
    • Captain America Sequel
    • Possible X-Men


  • Projects that have NOT been announced yet
    • Young Avengers




Neal Adams, Comic Book Artist Who Revitalized Batman and Fought for Creators’ Rights, Dies at 80

Neal Adams, the legendary comic book artist who reinvigorated Batman and other superheroes with his photorealistic stylings and championed the rights of creators, has died. He was 80.


Adams died Thursday in New York of complications from sepsis, his wife, Marilyn Adams, told The Hollywood Reporter.


Adams jolted the world of comic books in the late 1960s and early ’70s with his toned and sinewy take on heroes, first at DC with a character named Deadman, then at Marvel with the X-Men and the Avengers, then back at DC with his most lasting influence, Batman.




‘Spider-Man’ Director Jon Watts Exits Marvel’s ‘Fantastic Four’

EXCLUSIVE: Jon Watts has withdrawn as the director of Fantastic Four, the reinvention of the venerable Marvel Comics series at Marvel Studios and Disney. Watts just directed Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios film that grossed $1.89 billion to become the sixth highest-grossing film of all time.


Nothing sinister here; Watts just needs a break from the superhero realm after completing the Spidey trilogy with Tom Holland and Zendaya. He had expected to make Fantastic Four his next film, the third feature iteration of that franchise and first since Disney acquired Fox, which controlled the franchise. Watts has spent the better part of the last decade directing and promoting the Spider-Man films, after being hired off Cop Car, a small-budget indie thriller that premiered at 2015 Sundance. He needs a breather.


Both Watts and Marvel confirmed his exit, and said that it is amicable.


‘The Marvels’ and ‘Ant-Man 3’ Swap Release Dates in 2023

Marvel Studios productions “The Marvels” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” are swapping release dates, Disney announced Friday.


“The Marvels,” the sequel to 2019’s “Captain Marvel,” was originally due to open in theaters on Feb. 17, 2023, and “Quantumania,” the third movie in the “Ant-Man” series, was set to open on July 28, 2023.


Instead, “Quantumania” will now bow first in February, and “The Marvels” will debut in July.


Insiders say this was a matter of “Quantumania” simply being further along in its creative process than “The Marvels,” as the former has wrapped principal photography while “The Marvels” still has a bit more to go. Marvel Studios’ other big theatrical release in 2023, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” is still set to debut on May 5, 2023.




‘Moon Knight’ Director Mohamed Diab on the Season Finale, Oscar Isaac’s Return and the MCU’s First Egyptian Superhero

There are only a couple very glancing references to the MCU on “Moon Knight,” but there are no crossovers at all — up to the post-credits scene, where crossovers almost always happen. How do you feel about what that means about the show’s place in the MCU?


We had the freedom to place it whenever. I want to tell you the very first scene, there was a crossover, and the very end scene, there was a crossover. But as the story developed and we kept changing the scripts, we felt like, “We don’t need that.” All of us. It was a collective decision. And then I kept thinking: It’s a rule. There has to be a scene at the end that connects us to the MCU. But I think they decided, “You know what, the surprise is that there isn’t, and what’s going to make this show unique is it doesn’t need anything else.” The best compliment we get on the show is when people tell us, “This doesn’t feel like a Marvel show. It feels like a standalone show that feels more dramatic, more dark, grounded.” I feel like we succeeded in bringing Marvel more to our corner. So, so proud and happy.


Disney+ X-Men Producer on the Pressure of Bringing Back the Mutants (Exclusive)

In an exclusive interview, The Direct's Russ Milheim got to sit down with Moon Knight writer Beau DeMayo, also the head writer and executive producer of the upcoming X-Men '97 animated Marvel Studios series on Disney+, to discuss the differences of working on both projects and the general pressure of reviving the Mutants with Marvel Studios.


The writer noted that the process is "no different" from "a studio and process standpoint," but that the "X-Men, in particular, is something that is very close to Marvel Studios' hearts:"


“From a studio and process standpoint, no different. Kevin [Feige], Brad Winderbaum, Dana [Vasquez-Eberhardt] who’s working with us on this, who are our producers, they have the same level of involvement. I know in some studios, animation is treated like the red-headed stepchild and, honestly, What If…? and Marvel’s other animated series are treated just as seriously as their live-action properties. And X-Men, in particular, is something that is very close to Marvel Studios’ hearts, now that it’s back home at the studio. So that has been different.


DeMayo noted that he feels a "weight and a responsibility" given that this is Marvel Studios' first go at an X-Men-focused project:


"It’s just like, X-Men means something to a lot of people. There’s a weight and a responsibility there, I think, now that it’s back at Marvel Studios, that is very different, and that I’m always aware of. The funny difference is more sleepless night, because on Moon Knight, if something didn’t go right, [I was like], ‘well, Jeremy [Slater] is is writing the show, so at the end of the day he’ll have to [figure it out].’ There have been several moments where I’m like, ‘Someone needs to figure this out—oh, it’s me now.’ [laughs] So, there’s been a lot of growth, I’d say, that I’ve had to do on X-Men ‘97. Just as a storyteller, and as a producer, and as a person, that has made it a very different experience than writing on Moon Knight."


FEEDBACK [55:29]



RandyWalker — Yesterday at 11:39 PM

Why does Taweret’s avatar have wings and fly? Taweret is a hippo. Her avatar should be strong or something.

This whole series confused me—it doesn’t seem to be related to the greater MCU at all unless I missed something


SashaMing — Yesterday at 1:15 PM

hello! I've been listening podcast. That's how I got here. 🙂 


StargatePioneer — Yesterday at 2:57 PM

Which podcast were you listening to?


SashaMing — Yesterday at 5:08 PM

Moon Knight. But way before I was binge listening Defiance podcast. I was late to that party, but loved the show and wanted more. That's how I find you first time.





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