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Mar 13, 2022

The Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Michelle, Agent Chris, Consultant Anthony, and Producer of the show Director SP discuss the 1992 Marvel Entertainment Group X-Men The Animated Series season three episodes “Out of the Past: Part 1” and “Out of the Past: Part 2.” Anthony Sytko from Capes On The Couch podcast joins us to give some extensive background into the Marvel Moon Knight comic book character. The Team debriefs you on National Mario Day, a profile on X-Men The Animated Series Dr. Hank McCoy voice actor George Buza, a Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Previously On in honor of X-Men The Animated Series, episode synopses, additional Wolverine backstory and former lover Lady Deathstrike, Yuriko’s blame and motivations, Lady Deathstrike’s Disney World merchandizing and augmented phalanges, the X-Men The Animated Series basketball Top Gun volleyball-like shirtless scene, the episode animation anomalies, the Soul Drinker monster, the lesson of the episode, the Reavers in the series, the misuse of the Morlocks, and Wolverine’s Adamantium Infusion scene. Stay tuned after the credits for a few minutes of Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. bonus audio.




  • Marvel Entertainment’s X-Men The Animated Series As Shown On Disney+
  • Discuss the 1992 X-Men Animated Series season 3 episodes 1-2
  • Background of Dr. Hank McCoy “Beast” Voice Actor George Buza
  • Special Moon Knight Segment
  • Anthony Sytko from Capes On The Couch podcast gives detailed background of Moon Knight




X-Men The Animated Series Voice Actor George Buza (Beast / Dr. Hank McCoy)


  • IMDB Credits: 
    • 166 Acting credits starting in 1975
    • Film
      • X-Men (2000) - Trucker
      • A Christmas Horror Story (2015) - Santa Claus / Norman
    • Television
      • Star Wars: Droids (1985) - (voice)
      • Star Wars: Ewoks (1985) - Chief Chirpa (voice)
      • Babar (1989) - Additional voices
      • Maniac Mansion (1990-1993) - Turner Edison
      • X-Men Animated Series (1992-1997) - Beast / Dr. Henry 'Hank' McCoy (voice)
      • Tales from the Cryptkeeper (1993-1994) - William / Mr. Armstrong (voice)
      • Spider-Man (1995) - Beast (voice)
      • The Magic School Bus (1995) - Switch Operator
      • The Neverending Story (1995-1996) - Ogre / East Wind 
      • The Adventures of Sinbad (1996-1998)
      • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show (1998-2000)
      • Beyblade (2001-2005) - Grandpa Granger (voice, English Dub)
      • Franny's Feet (2004-2005) - Grandpa (voice)
    • Video games
      • X-Men: Children of the Atom (1994) - Announcer / Colossus / Juggernaut / Omega Red / Magneto
      • Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (2000) - Colossus
      • X-Men: Mutant Academy 2 (2001) - Beast
      • Starlink: Battle for Atlas (2018) - Kharl Zeon
  • Background
    • Younger Days
      • Grew up in Cleveland in the 1950s. 
      • Went to an all boys school.Got in a class play at the all girls school. Mr. Bumble in Oliver; learned to like acting 
      • Read comic books - his mother threw out his comics and baseball cards - still a sore spot for him. Fan of Star Wars. 
    • Getting into voice acting 
      • Great timing - in Toronto, Canada when animation business started to grow
      • Major break: Chief Chirpa from Star Wars: Ewoks, the 1985 animated show.
      • He was able to go from one guest gig to another 
    • X-Men: The Animated Series
      • Projected didn’t have the title - had Project X; he saw he was reading for a character called Beast and put it together
      • For most shows, recorded individually. For X-Men, cast recorded together as much as possible 
      • X-Men didn’t gear to small kids; like doing an adult series
      • He didn’t need to do research because  scripts were tight and concise and rich
      • English major; some references were familiar; some were made up by the writers
      • Favorite - Beauty and the Beast; all about sacrificing his feelings to avoid pain for Carly
      • Playing Beast taught him about control. 
      • Was a big kid; could take out a kid; did once, faced the consequences
      • Bullied as a kid; he became the one who told the jokes
      • Beast used peace over violence; violence only when necessary
    • X-Men film
      • He got a call from his agent
      • At the audition, someone recognized him as the voice of Beast
      • Singer was at the table and said that they were grateful for X-Men the Animated Series because w/o show, probably no X-Men movie
      • Got hired to play the Trucker on the spot
      • 5 days of work with Anna Paquine and Hugh Jackman
    • Impact of the show
      • He’s not on social media
      • Had no idea of the impact the show had until he started doing conventions in 2019
      • Understand if you felt disenfranchised then the show would resonate
  • Sources




X-Men The Animated Series Season Three Episodes 1-2 Premiered on “Fox Kids”

  • (Episode Order As Shown On Disney+, Premiere Dates As Shown On Fox)
    • S3E1 “Out of the Past: Part 1” Saturday July 29th, 1994
    • S3E2 “Out of the Past: Part 2” Saturday August 5th, 1994
  • Produced By:
    • Will Meugniot
    • Larry Houston


X-Men The Animated Series Main Cast

  • Cedric Smith                            ...         Professor X / Charles Xavier
    • 117 Credits, best known for X-Men
  • Norm Spencer                          ...         Cyclops / Scott Summers 
    • 31 Credits, best known for X-Men
  • Catherine Disher                      ...         Jean Grey / Phoenix
    • 122 Credits, best known for X-Men
  • Alison Sealy-Smith                  ...         Storm / Ororo Munroe
    • 72 Credits, best known for X-Men
  • Iona Morris                              ...         Storm / Ororo Munroe
    • 101 Credits
      • Star Trek TOS (Little Girl)
      • Claudian Grant on Robotech
      • 2xStar Trek: Voyager
  • Lenore Zann                             ...         Rogue
    • 110 Credits, best known for X-Men
  • Cal Dodd                                  ...         Wolverine / Logan
    • 34 Credits, best known for X-Men
  • Alyson Court                            ...         Jubilee / Jubilation Lee
    • 100 Credits, best known for X-Men
  • George Buza                            ...         Beast / Dr. Henry 'Hank' McCoy 
    • 163 Credits, best known for X-Men
  • Chris Potter                             ...         Gambit / Remy LeBeau
    • 58 Credits
    • The Pacifier
    • Heartland
  •  Don Francks                           ...         Sabretooth / Graydon Creed Sr. 
    • 191 Credits
    • Johnny Mnemonic
    • Heavy Metal
  • Brett Halsey                             ...         Bolivar Trask
    • 154 Credits
  • Barry Flatman                          ...         Henry Peter Gyrich (works with Trask)
  • David Hemblen             ...         Magneto / Erik Magnus Lehnsherr
  • Lawrence Bayne                       ...         Cable / Nathan Dayspring-Summers
    • 127 Credits
  • Randall Carpenter        (She)    ...         Mystique / Raven Darkholme (voice)
    • 13 Credits
  • Lally Cadeau                             ...         Dr. Moira MacTaggert 
  • Stephen Ouimette                    ...         Angel / Warren Worthington III 
  • John Colicos                            ...         Apocalypse / En Sabah Nur
  • Rick Bennett                            ...         Colossus / Piotr Rasputin / Juggernaut / Cain Marko (voice)
  • Philip Akin                               ...         Bishop (voice) (as Phil Aiken)
  • Marc Strange                           ...         Forge (voice)
  • Chris Britton                            ...         Mr. Sinister / Nathaniel Essex 
  • Ron Rubin                                ...         Morph
  • Maurice Dean Wint                   ...         Shadow King
  • Robert Cait                              ...         Colossus / Piotr Rasputin
  • Tara Strong                             ...         Illyana Rasputin 
  • Robert Calt                                ...         Blob / Frederick Dukes
  • Rod Coneybeare                        ...         Avalanche
  • Jennifer Dale                             ...         Mystique / Raven Darkholme 
  • Graham Haley                            ...         Pyro / St. John Allerdyce
  • Roscoe Handford                        ...         Ms. Marvel / Carol Danvers 
  • Robert Bockstael                        ...         Sauron / Dr. Karl Lykos
  • Peter Wildman                           ...         Mojo
  • Rod Wilson                                ...         Longshot
  • John Blackwood                         ...         Hairbag
  • Dan Hennessey                          ...         Ruckus
  • Peter McCowatt                          ...         Amphibius
  • Megan Smith-Harris                    ...         Vertigo / Shanna the She-Devil
  • Rod Wilson                                ...         Gorgeous George




By Anthony Sytko from Capes On The Couch podcast




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